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Who's Who in Late Medieval England (1272-1485) By Michael Hicks

Who’s Who in Late Medieval England spans the period from1272-1485., the reigns of Edward I to Richard III. It was a turbulent period covering the conquest of Wales, the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses, but it was also a time of piety, learning and economic development, marked by the endowment of monasteries and of colleges many of which have survived to the present day as evidence of the remarkable achievements of the period. Men and women from all walks of life feature among the 200 biographies in this volume. The author has drawn on the findings of the latest scholarship and conveys more than the bare facts about his subject’s lives: he places them in the context of their time and evokes what was distinctive and interesting in their personality and achievement.

Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers Ltd; 1991. Hardcover with clipped dust cover. This is the third volume in the Who's Who in British History Series. 382pp. First edition. Near fine. Pre-owned. ISBN: 0856830925

Who's Who in Late Medieval England (1272-1485) By Michael Hicks

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