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Who's Who in Early Hanoverian Britain (1714-1789) By Geoffrey Treasure

Who’s Who in Early Hanoverian Britain spans the period from the death of Queen Anne in 1714 to the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789. These 75 years witnessed two Jacobite risings , the evolution of cabinet government , major additions to the British Empire, despite the loss of the American Colonies, and at home the stirrings of racial reform- it was the age of ‘The Enlightenment’. This volume contains 190 short biographies of eminent personalities: the range is extensive, embracing royalty, politicians, poets, philosophers, artists, writers and inventors. The author has drawn on the findings of the latest scholarship and conveys more than the bare facts about his subject’s lives; he places them in the context of their time and evokes what was distinctive and interesting in their personality and achievement.

Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers Ltd; 1991. Hardcover with unclipped dust cover. This is the sixth volume in the Who's Who in British History Series. 450pp. First edition. Near fine. Pre-owned. ISBN: 0856830763

Who's Who in Early Hanoverian Britain (1714-1789) By Geoffrey Treasure

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