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Virgin By Robin Maxwell

Publisher's Synopsis

Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, banished from the court at the age of two, finds an unlikely ally in her father's sixth wife, Katherine Parr. Katherine offers motherly love and protection to the young princess and her brother Edward, and works to soften her father's heart and gain her readmittance to the Tudor fold. But when Henry dies and ten-year-old Edward is crowned King of England, a new era of instability begins for the young and impressionable monarch and the sister he has left behind in Chelsea House. It is becoming increasingly clear that Katherine's new husband, Sir Thomas Seymour, has dangerous designs on the vulnerable teenage princess in his charge, and on the power to which she is the key...


Headline; 2001. Paperback. Small crease to spine. Corners slightly rubbed. Preowned.  ISBN: 0747270449

Virgin By Robin Maxwell

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