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The Three Daughters of Madame Liang By Pearl S.Buck

Publisher's Synopsis

After her husband takes a concubine, Madame Liang sets out on her own, starting an upscale restaurant and sending her daughters to America to be educated. At the restaurant, the leaders of the People's Republic wine and dine and Madame Liang must keep a low profile for her daughters' sake. Soon her two eldest daughters are called back to serve the People's Republic. Her oldest daughter, Grace, now a doctor, finds meaning through her work. Things are not as easy for her daughter Mercy, a musician who is not in demand in the People's Republic, nor for her new husband who she has brought back to China with her. Watching her two daughters grow apart and knowing that her youngest daughter will never return, Madame Liang must also face the challenges The Cultural Revolution, and how to keep herself and the restaurant, alive.

The Companion Book Club; 1969. With unclipped dust cover priced 9/-.Dust cover in excellent condition with slight sunning to spine. Brown end papers. Brown edged pages. Pre-owned.

The Three Daughters of Madame Liang By Pearl S.Buck

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