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The Plague Dogs By Richard Adams

Publisher's Synopsis

With his first two novels,  'Watership Down' and 'Shardik', Richard Adams has achieved world-wide acclaim.  'The Plague Dogs', his third novel,  confirms his stature as a writer. It is the most exciting and moving book he has yet written.

Set in the Lake District, it recounts the adventures of two dogs who escape from an establishment where experiments are carried out on animals for so-called scientific reasons.  Both dogs have suffered horribly. Once free, they join forces with a fox and attempt to live wild, killing and stealing what they can.  Locally, every man's hand is soon against them; and national alarm breaks out when it is learned that they may be carriers of the bubonic plague with which scientists at the research station have been experimenting........


Allen Lane; Penguin Books Ltd.; 1977. First edition. Hardcover with unclipped dust cover. The Plague Dogs is Richard Adams third novel. Dust cover near fine. Pages yellowing slightly. Very good condition. With illustrations ad diagrams by A. Wainwright. Preowned. ISBN: 0713910550.

The Plague Dogs By Richard Adams

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