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The Man in the Mirror; A Novel of Espionage  By Frederick Ayer


In Moscow a monster punch-card machine, clicking and whirring, finally ejects a dozen cards. Of these, one appears to be eminently suitable. It points to Karl Freidrich Von Tetlow, much wanted Nazi war criminal, now basking in the safety of the Argentine. The Russian Intelligence Chief, comparing von Tetlow’s photograph with that of an important American is amazed and delighted at the resemblance. With ruthless ingenuity a deadly plan is put into action-von Tetlow is efficiently groomed and perfectly trained to slip unobtrusively into the North American sceneand take the place of Roger Storrow, special security assistant to the President with access to all important U.S. secrets. The real Storrow, held captive in Mexico is carefully studied, until, perfect in word and mannerism, von Tetlow is sent to Washington. The horrifying magnitude of the plan is at first impossible for Storrow to grasp, but with the eventual realisation of how he is being used, the nightmarish implications become chillingly apparent……

The Companion Book Club; 1965. Hardcover with unclipped dust cover. Club Price De Luxe to members only 7/3. Dust cover intact and in near fine condition. Corners slightly rubbed. Page edges sprayed blue. Excellent condition. Pre-owned.

The Man in the Mirror; A Novel of Espionage By Frederick Ayer

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