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The Letters of J.R. Tolkein Edited By Humphrey Carpenter

Publisher's Synopsis

One of the most prolific letter writers of this century, Tolkien wrote to his publishers, to members of his family, to friends and to fans of his books, a mass of letters which often reveal the inner workings of his mind, and which record the history of composition of many of his stories.;This selection represents, in Tolkien's own words, a highly detailed portrait of the man in his many aspects; storyteller, scholar, Catholic, parent of a large family and observer of the world around him.;The letters include fresh information about Middle-earth and its inhabitants as well as analyses by Tolkien himself of the meanings of his stories. Finally, this book will entertain anyone who appreciates the art of letter-writing, of which Tolkien was a master.



George Allen and Unwin Ltd.; 1981. Edited by Humphrey Carpenter with the assistance of Christopher Tolkein. Preowned. ISBN: 0048260053

The Letters of J.R. Tolkein Edited By Humphrey Carpenter

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