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The King's England Essex By Arthur Lee

Publisher's Synopsis

Under the editorship of the late Arthur Mee these 40 county books with over 6,000 photographs give the most complete picture of a country ever written for the general public.  Each volume in turn (except for Arthur Mee's introductory book  Enchanted Land) is being fully revised by a distinguished expert in local history and will be re-issued with a new set of superb illustrations.

New edition, fully revised. Complete with new illustrations. A unique guide to 10,000 towns and villages of England as history has made them. 


Hodder ad Stoughton Ltd.; 1966. Hardcover with unclipped dust cover. Fully revised and edited by E.T.Long. Illustrated with new photographs by A.F. Kersting. Preowned. No ISBN.

The King's England Essex By Arthur Lee

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