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The Carpet People and Wings By Terry Pratchett

Two books from the master Storyteller.

Publisher's Synopsis - The Carpet People

A hilarious fantasy, perfect for ages seven and up, by master storyteller Terry Pratchett - the first book he ever wrote!

In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet
Then came the dust, which fell upon the Carpet. From the dust the Carpet wove us all.
From the dust came us, the Carpet People.
In the fronds of a carpet, there are tribes and people, families and brothers.
This is a story of two of those brothers. This is the story of the evil Fray, sweeping a trail of destruction across the carpet. And the story of an adventure to end all adventures . . .

Publisher's Synopsis - Wings

When you're four inches high in a world full of giant people, things never go very well for long.
After running into trouble at the quarry, the nomes want to go home. The problem is, 'home' is somewhere up in the stars, in some sort of Ship.
Masklin must find a way to get to the 'launch' of a 'communications satellite' (whatever that is).
And so begins an incredible journey, filled with peril, planes, honking geese . . . and a walking sandwich.

Corgi Children’s Books; Paperbacks. Both books together sealed in the publishers protective transparent film. Brand new books. ISBN: 9781409607496

The Carpet People and Wings By Terry Pratchett

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