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The Age of Innocence 1812-1822 By Arthur Bryant

Publisher’s Information

Arthur Bryant is our best historical landscapist, and in this book we seem him at his best. For the subject is made for him. It is the third volume in the trilogy he has devoted to the England that beat the French Revolution and Napoleon. This covers Regency England, a wonderful rich plum-pudding of a subject. It is the England of Wellington, and Castlereagh, Scott and Byron and the Lake poets; of George Stephenson, and Humphry Davy, of Cobbett and Robert Owen. An England bursting with vitality and creativeness- getting forward with the Industrial Revolution at home while successfully fighting the French Revolution abroad. All this Dr. Bryant is peculiarly qualified to depict for us; for he has an extraordinary range of response: to the songs of the people as well as the poetry of the great poets, to soldiers and sailors- he is an excellent military historian-boxing and hunting, society and women. It is his sense of life , the feeling for the past with which he writes, the poetry and vivacity of it, that mark him off from the dons.

The Reprint Society; 1954. First edition thus. Hardcover with unclipped dust cover. Dust cover in excellent condition with small tear to top front and back. Slight discolouration to spine. Front inside flap has the letter H in a circle written in pen. Page top edges sprayed brown. Some discolouration to top front page edges.

Binding tight and text clean. Lovely copy. Pre-owned. No ISBN.

The Age of Innocence 1812-1822 By Arthur Bryant

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