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Salar the Salmon By Henry Williamson

Publisher's Synopsis

Salar the Salmon's migration through the rivers of Devon - surviving porpoises, seals, nets, fishermen, otters, poachers and weirs - is one of nature's great journeys. Intense, brilliantly imagined, the salmon's perilous return leaves us with a vivid, unsentimental picture of how both people and wildlife rely on a river and its estuary.


Little Toller Books, Dorset; 2010. Paperback. Introduced. by Michael Morpurgo. Illustrated by C.F.Tunnicliffe. First published 1935. Uncreased spine, unread condition. Pages very slightly yellowing to page edges. Near fine condition. Preowned. ISBN: 9780956254542.

Salar the Salmon By Henry Williamson

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