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Real Soldiers of Fortune By Richard Harding Davis

Richard Harding-Davis (1864-1916) is known as history’s first modern war correspondent. In the most popular journals of the day, he reported on the Greco-Turkish War, the Boer War, and World War One -among others-often risking his life to obtain eye witness battlefield accounts. Davis’s passionate reports from Cuba helped precipitate America’s involvement in the Spanish-American War. As a novelist and playwright, he enjoyed great success as well. His talent, adventurous lifestyle, and handsome appearance made him a hero to the men and women of his day. When he died at aged fifty-two , a newspaper compared , Davis with his good friend, Theodore Roosevelt: ‘With the exception of Colonel Roosevelt probably no modern American had a career comparable in action and dramatic interest to that of R.H.D’.

A Paladin Press Book; 1981. Hardcover. near fine condition. Pre-owned. ISBN: 0837642392

Real Soldiers of Fortune By Richard Harding Davis

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