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Momenticon By Andrew Caldecott

Publisher's Synopsis

The world has become a dangerous place: the atmosphere has turned toxic, destroying almost all life, and most of humanity too.
Survivors live in domes protected by chitin shields, serving one or other of the last two great companies. A long period of uneasy collaboration between Tempestas and Genrich is about to end, and they have very different visions for mankind's future.
Far from these centres of power stands the Museum Dome, home to mankind's finest paintings and artefacts and their curator, a young man, Fogg, who has laboured for three years without a single visitor.
Then a single mysterious pill - a momenticon - appears in the Museum and triggers a series of bewildering events, embroiling Fogg and his unexpected new companions in a desperate fight against the dark forces which threaten to overwhelm all that remains.
And time is running out.


Jo Fletcher Books; 2022. Hardcover with dust cover. Brand new book. Illustrations by Nicola Howell Hawley.  ISBN: 9781529415421

Momenticon By Andrew Caldecott

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