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Intertwined Roots; An Ulster-Scot Perspective By W.A.Hanna

Publisher's Synopsis

Modern Ulster-Scots are the descendants of lowland Scots who began to settle in Ulster in significant numbers in the first decade of the 17th century. They make up the greatest number of the majority community in Northern Ireland. This book looks at them against the background of their past history, and in the broader context of changing circumstances at the close of the 20th century.;The book begins by focusing on how Ulster Scots have become an integral part of the majority community after 200 years of religious, social and economic discrimination at the hands of the Anglican establishment. The story of the Scotch-Irish, those who emigrated to the American colonies in the 18th century, is also included.;In the second part of the book, Protestant/unionist perceptions about certain aspects of their heritage and culture are noted, and some of the concerns that continue to cause divisions between the communities are considered. The course of the peace process is outlined and the main points of the agreement and the results of the referendum and assembly elections are discussed in the third part of the book. How all of these aspects are likely to affect the future of the people of Northern Ireland provides the conclusion to this book.

The Columba Press, Blackrock, Co. Dublin; 2000. Paperback. Inscription to front and SIGNED by the author on title page. 192 pp. Uncreased spine. Barely read condition. Pre-owned. ISBN: 1856072908

Intertwined Roots; An Ulster-Scot Perspective By W.A.Hanna

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