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Heavy Freight Locomotives in Britain By Denis Griffiths

Publisher's Synopsis

The heavy freight locomotive has always been an important part of Britain's railway operations, but until recently it did not receive the same attention from enthusiasts as the more glamorous passenger locomotives. With the coming of railway preservation many former freight locomotives have been restored and are now seen regularly on passenger trains, and are thus much more in the public eye.;Also, the near elimination of locomotive haulage from passenger trains on British Rail has turned the enthusiasts' attention to freight where diesel locomotives can still be found at work. While earlier diesels were intended for either passenger or freight work, the more recently introduced motive power, including Classes 58, 59 and 60, have been specifically for freight haulage. The full history of the development of the freight locomotive is taken through the steam era to the high-powered and technologically advanced diesel-electrics of the present day.


Patrick Stephens Ltd.; 1993. Hardcover with unclipped dust cover. 192 pp. B/w photos and diagrams. Pages yellowing slightly to edges due to age. Preowned. ISBN: 1852603992.

Heavy Freight Locomotives in Britain By Denis Griffiths

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