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British Ferns By Heath, Francis George

Publisher's Synopsis

 A genuine "pocket volume" about 6 x 4" - giving the counties of the United Kingdom, including the surrounding islands, where British native ferns may be found growing wild, and the particular localities were the rarer species may be looked for- is I think, much wanted by all fern lovers- and their name is legion. 

Most fern books (and I know them pretty well)  are for the library and for home reference.  This one is for popping into the smallest ordinary pocket whenever "the country" is about to be visited, at any time of the year - for the evergreen species are "there" looking conspicuous and beautiful, in the winter as well as in the summer.

"To remind" those who know ferns and "to help" those who don't, light black-and-white figures are given of the normal forms of all the British species, accompanied by verbal descriptions (including frond length and "usual habitats"; and, prefixed to these, are general explanations and popular definitions of botanical terms.


Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd.; 1911. A pocket 'help' for the collector. With 50 illustrations- comprising all the Native Species and showing where found. Corners slightly bumped, previous owners name etc on back of front and back boards.

British Ferns By Heath, Francis George

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