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Birds of India By Bikram Grewal

Publisher's Synopsis

This book fulfils a long felt need for a single volume photographic guide to the birds of the Indian sub-continent, one of the world's most exciting bird regions.  The great geographical diversity of the sub-continent has allowed a spectacularly wide range of species to thrive.  There are birds that visit each winter from Europe and central Asia, there are ducks and geese that migrate from Tibet and China.  Amongst the resident species are some unique to specific habitats such as the Great Indian Bustard in the dry grasslands of western and central India, the exotic pheasants of the Himalayan reaches, rare hornbills and brilliant songbirds and leaf birds.

Here for the first time each family of birds found in the region is illustrated by superb photographs and over 500 species are detailed in the accompanying text. Suggestions are made as to when and where to watch these extraordinary birds. Individual descriptions provide vital field clues and information to identify each species, their habitat, call, plumage variations, feeding habits and migratory patterns.  An extensive introduction surveys surveys the development of ornithology in India.  Author Bikram Grewal has spent many hours in the jungles, forests and wilderness of India.  A publisher by profession, he earlier co-edited a series of guides to India. Including one on Indian wildlife.  A passion for bird-watching brought to his attention the need for a single introductory volume with photographs to the birds of this region. 


Odyssey Guides (The Guidebook Company); 1993. Paperback. Book plate to FFEP 'Corbett National Park India'. Uncreased spine, unread condition. Top right front corner slightly curled. Preowned. ISBN:962217311X.

Birds of India By Bikram Grewal

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