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A Brush Through the Seasons By Ros Goody

Extract from the Book

If you don't do it don't paint it’ this bold statement sums up Ross Goody’s passionate attitude towards Britain's country sports and she towards the men and women who keep them alive. In four decades as an artist, Ros has been greatly inspired by the world of field sports - indeed her first published pictures were of her pony club classmates and their mounts appearing in Pony magazine when she was eleven. Having first saddled up at aged seven- “a tiny thing like a Thelwall pony, called Betsy”, Ross recalls now it was not long before she combined her loves of art and riding. A friend from pony club days, Dawn Baly describes how are young Ross impress the class with her sketching: …..

The Pony Club opened up a new world to Ross - that of the hunt. At thirteen she was riding with the South Shropshire Hunt and began sketching seems almost immediately. In later years she moved on to shooting, to deer stalking and to fishing. And it is through living these pursuits as an active sportswoman that the mother- of- two is able to capture such vivid representations with her brushes…….

Abbey Publications; Nottingham, 2004. Hardcover with dust cover. Brand new book. ISBN: 0954877403

A Brush Through the Seasons By Ros Goody

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