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Wilberforce By John Pollock

Publisher's Synopsis

This major new biography of the reformer who led the campaign to abolish the slave trade is only the second to appear in the last fifty years.  John Pollock presents a fully rounded and delightful portrait of Wilberforce, claiming, against the critics, that he was 'neither politically repressive nor personally dreary'.  John Pollock has written a number of popular biographies, including the authorised life of Billy Graham.  His books have been translated into 10 languages and over 1 1/2 million copies are in print in English alone.  A Londoner by birth, John Pollock now lives in a small village in Devon, England.


Lion Publishing; 1978. Paperback. 368 pp. Read condition. Slight marks to back cover and base of spine. Preowned. ISBN: 0856480894

Wilberforce By John Pollock

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