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The Royal Horticultral Society Encyclopedia of Gardening

Publisher's Synopsis

For amateur and professional gardeners alike the Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Gardening is the one and only guide you'll ever need to own. Comprehensive and authoritative text - supported by 3 000 specially commissioned colour photographs - guides you expertly through the entire range of gardening techniques. You will find all you need to know about every facet of practical gardening in this complete and up-to-date gardening reference. Comprehensive coverage of gardens and gardening The largest section of the book Creating the Garden opens with a detailed chapter on garden planning and design which invites you to explore fresh ways of designing and making the most of your site. This is followed by individual chapters based on the main plant groups and areas of the garden - for example ornamental trees perennials the rock garden the fruit garden and the indoor garden. Within each chapter there is detailed in-depth coverage of every aspect of soil preparation planting routine care pruning and propagation with step-by-step photographic sequences and artwork demonstrating all the techniques. In the second part of the book Maintaining the Garden all the tools equipment accessories and materials needed for garden projects are covered. Annotated diagrams and detailed photographs make any task easy to grasp from how to select and equip a greenhouse to laying paving putting up fencing and building a pergola. Separate chapters show how climate and soil combine to affect your garden with simple instructions on cultivating and improving the soil. A photographic gallery illustrates clearly the symptoms of hundreds of pests and diseases for quick identification and control. Expertly assembled for easy access Under the experienced editorship of the Director General of the RHS Christopher Brickell and an internationally distinguished team of over 35 gardening specialists the full range of gardening skills has been exhaustively researched and expertly planned and presented. Over three years in the making the book shows every aspect of gardening painstakingly photographed to help you pinpoint precisely what you need to know about a particular gardening technique or garden plant. At the back of the book there is a gardener's calendar with seasonal reminders an extensive glossary of terms and a fully-integrated index that includes botanical and common plant names.

BCA, 1992, hardcover, with dust cover good used condition. Pre-owned. ISBN: 0863189792

The Royal Horticultral Society Encyclopedia of Gardening

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