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The Making of America: Abraham Lincoln By Teri Kanefield

Publisher's Synopsis

The story of Abraham Lincoln, widely considered America's greatest president

The third installment of the Making of America series, Abraham Lincoln follows one of our most popular presidents. Even though he grew up on the frontier without a formal education, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) worked his way up in the government. He was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives, then to the US House of Representatives, and then he became the 16th president of the United States. During his presidency, he led the United States through the Civil War, brought about the emancipation of the enslaved, and strengthened the federal government. Unlike other biographical works, the Making of America series goes beyond individual narratives and links influential figures to create an overarching story of America's growth. The books can be read on their own and are also a way to entice young readers to study American history. The book includes selections from Lincoln's writings, endnotes, a bibliography, and an index.AbramsBrand new book.

Abrams Young Readers; 2018. Paperback. Brand new book. ISBN: 9781419736254

The Making of America: Abraham Lincoln By Teri Kanefield

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