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Millennial Problems By Dobson, Rowan

Publisher's Synopsis

That Feeling When your brunch doesn't look good enough to Instagram, you put the wrong emoji at the end of a risky text, The Sims is the closest you'll come to owning a home, and your relationship ends when WhatsApp dies for two hours . . .

#Millennial Problems is a collection of humorous tweets exploring the daily hardships of millennial life.

Their struggles are real and must be shared in a colourful, organised fashion.

The perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for millennial in your life (or for anybody who enjoys poking fun at millennials).

#killmenow #fml #adulting #literallydying #saynotoavocado

Penguin Random House; 2018. Hardcover, Brand new book. ISBN: 1910931861

Millennial Problems By Dobson, Rowan

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