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Colour in Art and Daily Life By Bernstein, M.

The author, in a series of fascinating essays, analyses and expounds the beauty of colours, their relationship to one another and to line, surface and form. For the layman, as for the art student, there is set forth in this book the knowledge that will not only enrich his understanding of the great masters of painting, but will also educate his tase in the appreciation of colour in everyday life.

Extract of the preface by M.Bernstein

The following essays were begun a number of years before the war. Notes, jottings after talks with artists, the customary interchange of views and experience of the studios, recollections from journeyings and visits to galleries and to the country, went to the first mooting of them. To these things were added practical experience as a plastic and decorative artist. Their theme being, as it is, to some extent their material basis of all works of art and the way in which they are produced , they offer the connoisseur and the practising artist a welcome supplement to the many lectures and essays dealing with the finished artistic product…….

Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1928, hardcover, hand-cut pages, some age spots, no dust cover. Translated by R.Granger Watkin, M.A., PH.D (Reserve -Lecturer to Oxford University Extension Delegacy). This translation first published in 1928. Pre-owned.

Colour in Art and Daily Life By Bernstein, M.

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