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Britten's Old Clocks & Watches ad their Makers

Publisher's Synopsis

Throughout the history of civilisation the measurement of time has exercised man's upmost ingenuity.  In 'Britten's Old Clocks  and Watches and their Makers' the history of clocks and watches is traced from the beginning.  The chapter titles, which include 'The age of decoration',  'English supremacy',  'French clocks' and 'National styles',  convey something of the romance of the subject, and this quality is enhanced by the 388 drawings and plates representative of the majority of styles through the ages.  The ninth addition embodies numerous revisions of detail and some rearrangement of material to cover important American watches. Additional photographs are reproduced by courtesy of Mr. Seth Atwood from specimens in the Time Museum, Rockford, Illinois, 'the only collection since Ilbert's death that approaches his in quality and quantity'. Britten's 'Records of famous makers' reappears as Appendix I, followed by his 'List of former clock and watch makers' as Appendix II.  This standard feature concentrates on London makers checked by Mr. Clive Osborne and the Guildhall Library, and extends the record from the year 1842 to 1875, bringing the total to 25,000 names.  Appendix III provides a reference to hallmarks of the period. The Appendices are followed, as usual, by a glossary, a revised select bibliography, and a general index. 


Bloosmbury Books; 1989. A history of styles in clocks and watches and their mechanisms. Edited by G.H.Baillie, Courtenay Ilbert, Cecil Clutton. Ninth edition revised and enlarged by Cecil Clutton. With a list of 25,000 makers revised and extended to 1875. 388 illustrations including 40 in colour. Endpapers by L.H.Cresswell, line drawings by F.Janca. Hardcover with unclipped dust cover. Dust cover good condition, small tear ad minor marks to top right hand corner. Binding tight, pages yellowing slightly to edges.  Preowned. ISBN: 0906223695

Britten's Old Clocks & Watches ad their Makers

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